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For The Laundry Centre Ltd


Please note that these are subject to change without notice, and do not affect your statutory rights.


  • It’s your responsibility to ensure that all garments you bring to us to be cleaned/ironed are suitable for that process. We take no responsibility for any damage caused during the process following our standard procedures.


  • Our standard wash process is a 40-degree wash. We may, at our discretion, alter this if we deem it necessary, or if requested. Any process is carried out solely at your own risk.


  • Please ensure you thoroughly check all items in your load for suitability for the process, pens, coins, paper, etc. as we are not responsible for any items lost or damaged as a result of the cleaning process.


  • We do not separate colours by default or check individual care labels but will if asked. If we do so, it is at your risk, and we will use our discretion for the best possible result. Additional charges may apply for this service.


  • Service washes are priced at the weight they come in at, not the weight they go out at.


  • Please ensure you collect your laundry, dry cleaning or ironing within the agreed timescale. Items not collected after 90 days from their collection date may be disposed of.


  • Specific preferences for a deviation from our standard procedures are possible at your request, but any and all risk and liability that arises from them are solely yours.


  • Please be sure to check your cleaned/ironed items fully before leaving the shop, as any problems need to be raised before you leave, we reserve the right to dismiss any complaints raised at a later date.


  • Laundry/ironing items are not individually tagged and we cannot, therefore, accept any claims for items believed to be missing or damaged by our processes. You may provide an itemised list of the contents of your load, which for an additional fee, will be checked at each stage, but please note whilst every effort is made to monitor each stage we are unable to guarantee that no loss or damage will occur from following our standard procedures.


  • Claims for items lost or damaged will be at our discretion and, subject to sufficient evidentiary proof, be compensated for to a maximum – for items not older than 3 months – of 50% of their original value or £50, whichever is the lower amount. In cases of items older than 3 months, we may at our discretion provide compensation to a maximum of £25.


We reserve the right to refuse entry and/or service.

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