Self Service Wash Prices

Standard wash: (up to 16lb) from £2.50
Large wash: (18lb to 40lb) from £7.50
Drying from £1 for 10 minutes

Not only do we provide service washes but we also have our own self-service launderette. We have a choice of washers and dryers with helpful staff on hand to answer any queries.

All our self service washing machines take £1 and 20p coins only, and use standard washing powders, or liquid for cleaning. All machines use hot water. All our tumble driers take £2, £1, 50p, 20p and 10p coins. As a guide, a tumble dry session is 10 minutes long and the cost of a standard load costs £3*. Our vending machines take 50p coins (per measure of both powder and/or fabric conditioner). As a guide, a standard load will use 1 measure* and a large load will use 3 measures*.

*Times/amount may vary depending on fabric.